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OSU funds the most high-impact undergraduate research experiences in the state.

How undergraduate research drives student success at OSU

Oregon State funds more high-impact undergraduate research experiences than any other university in the state.

Underwater coral reef landscape background in the blue sea with fish and marine life.

Innovation grants to build model reef at OSU, catalyze biological and materials research

College of Science Research and Innovation Seed (SciRIS) awards fund projects based on collaborative research within the College of Science community and beyond.

Thomas Sharpton with colleague looking at samples in lab

From scientific ideas to innovative solutions in the marketplace

The College of Science launches Innovation Days, a series of workshops for faculty to spur innovation and entrepreneurship.

cell icon above light texture
Faculty and Staff

Recognizing research and administrative excellence

Congratulations to these science faculty and administrators who received 2018 Faculty and Staff Awards for administrative and research excellence!

Manta ray swimming in dark ocean
Integrative Biology

Manta rays’ food-capturing mechanism may hold key to better filtration systems

Manta rays’ feeding mechanism may hold clues to a new, improved filtration system.

Microscope and laurel icon labeled "2017" above light texture
Faculty and Staff

Recognizing faculty and staff excellence

The College of Science celebrated research, teaching and administrative excellence at its 2017 Fall Faculty and Staff Awards.

Lecture in LINC 100
Student Success

Innovation in the classroom

Through the ESTEME@OSU project, OSU has conducted a comprehensive examination of its learning practices and is evolving them to transform its culture of scholarship

children checking out booths led by college students

Discovery Days is here!

On November 2 and 3, 1500 K-12 students gather for Discovery Days on campus.

Abigail Losli standing in front of her paintings
Marine Science

Art inspired by marine science debuts at SPARK reception

Artist Abigail Losli (BFA '16) will be exhibiting her painting inspired by a research cruise on the Pacific Ocean at the SPARK reception on October 7, 2016.

Abigail Losli standing in front of her paintings
Marine Science

Art meets Science on the Pacific

Senior researcher at Hatfield Marine Science Center Sarah Henkel will set sail on the Pacific Ocean with her team and artist, Abigail Losli (BFA, ‘16).

3D model of red blood cells
Biomedical Science

Biohealth science's connection to quantitative sciences

Researchers are interpreting and advancing biohealth sciences in innovative new ways by applying the natural sciences, such as mathematics, statistics and chemistry.

steelhead trout swimming through shallow creek
Biomedical Science

Discover: Research Highlights

New insect species, breakthrough in ALS research, big ideas in ocean protection and more...