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Integrative Biology Undergraduate Research

Felipe Barreto observing student working with beaker.

Oregon State University and the Department of Integrative Biology offer exceptional opportunities to engage in undergraduate research. Corvallis students in any stage of their degree can participate, but generally research experiences begin after at least one successful term at OSU. Several programs focus specifically on students new to OSU, and students who engage in research can elect to participate in BI 401 Research credits that can count for their degree.

Some examples of recent undergraduate research topics include:

  • Exploring iNaturalist as a Tool for Investigating Invasive Sacred Bodhi Trees in the United States
  • Identification of Copepod Species Through Genetic Testing
  • Aquatic Invertebrate Bio-Monitoring in Local Corvallis Streams
  • Climate Change and the Affect on Californian Mussel Reproduction
  • Determining Sea Urchin Return Rate after Culling Events To Identify Best Practices for Kelp Forest Restoration
  • Evaluating the Growth and Reproduction of an Endangered Sea Star to Inform Species Recovery
  • Effects of Social Environment and its Impacts on Acclimation
  • Impacts of Summer Breeding and Age on Red Crossbill Body Condition

Finding and funding undergraduate research positions

Corvallis biology and zoology majors engage with faculty in a variety of research across OSU. Several campus programs help partner students with research mentors or provide funding for research, but most research opportunities begin with students approaching faculty with their interests.

URSA Engage

The Office of Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and Arts (URSA) assists undergraduate students with resources on how to explore their research interests and find a mentor. They also sponsor the URSA-Engage program which provides stipends for first- and second-year students and first-year transfer students to engage in undergraduate research.

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The Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) program supports traditionally underrepresented students pursuing degrees and careers in science and engineering fields. Program participants receive a variety of financial, social, academic and professional supports including undergraduate research funding.

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The College of Science supports the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience, known as SURE Science. SURE Science offers scholarship support for students to engage in a summer of paid undergraduate research experience.

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Internships and volunteering

In addition to research experiences with OSU faculty, many biology and zoology students pursue internships, volunteering or other professional experiences on and off campus.