Saving Oregon’s rocky coast: Checking in on the sea stars
photo of hands holding an ochre sea star

The Menge Lubchenco Lab has observed a comeback in ochre sea star populations. Also watch an Oregon Field Guide video showing the fascinating life in tidepools with Jane Lubchenco explaining the lifecycles and behavior.

New flower from 100 million years ago brings fresh holiday beauty to 2020
magnified image of flower in amber

"This isn't quite a Christmas flower but it is a beauty, especially considering it was part of a forest that existed 100 million years ago," said George Poinar.

Biden Should Restore the Role of Science in the U.S. Government
portrait photo of Jane Lubcenco

Jane Lubchenco, former Undersecretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere and administrator of NOAA, outlines four ways the Biden administration can elevate science in tackling urgent problems.

Microscopic nematode that liquefies slugs may be answer to controlling this invasive pest
researcher gathering nematodes in the field

Dee Denver and his team have discovered a microscopic nematode that may help control invasive slugs that cause billions of dollars a year in agricultural damage worldwide.

New species of cockroach-killing wasps discovered in 25-million-year-old amber
ensign wasp preserved in amber

George Poinar discovered four new species of wasps in amber found in the Dominican Republic and Mexico.