We worked for the NOAA. Political appointees can’t overrule scientists.
President Trump with hurricane map

Jane Lubchenco and two other former NOAA administrators wrote an editorial for the Washington Post, in which they assert that weather forecasting should never be political.

Recipe for a dune: Sand, wind, water, plants
sand dune with sun setting over ocean

In a NOAA-funded project, Sally Hacker led a team of scientists to develop a better understanding of the complex processes behind dune formation and evolution.

Feeling Crabby: Why are Dungeness crabs washing up on Oregon beaches this summer?
dead Dungeness crabs that washed up on Oregon beach

Dead crabs on the beach are puzzling beachgoers. Francis Chan suggests hypoxia could be a factor in these now-annual die-offs.

Crustacean’s life in low-oxygen water suggests there’s more than one way to survive hypoxia
image of two tidepool crustaceans

Felipe Barreto and Allie Graham's research findings on a tidepool crustacean's ability to suvive oxygen deprivation raise the possibility that animals may have more ways of dealing with hypoxia than previously thought.

Zech Meunier and Kamron Kayhani win NSF fellowships for outstanding research
National Science Foundation logo

Congratulations to Zech and Kamron on receiving NSF GRFP awards, which provide three years of support as they pursue their research projects.