Microscopic nematode that liquefies slugs may be answer to controlling this invasive pest
researcher gathering nematodes in the field

Dee Denver and his team have discovered a microscopic nematode that may help control invasive slugs that cause billions of dollars a year in agricultural damage worldwide.

New species of cockroach-killing wasps discovered in 25-million-year-old amber
ensign wasp preserved in amber

George Poinar discovered four new species of wasps in amber found in the Dominican Republic and Mexico.

Anne Devan-Song discusses her research on snakes
Anne Devan-Song looks at a king cobra

Anne Devan-Song was interviewed on about her research on snakes in Southeast Asia, as well as her work to advance STEM equity.

As the world’s population grows, researchers say the ocean and seafood have big roles to play
display of fresh fish and seafood

Jane Lubchenco joined forces with scientists from nine other countries to analyze how much food the ocean could sustainably provide over the next three decades.

Congratulations Will Fennie, Heather Fulton-Bennett and Kelsey Swieca!
composite photo of headshots of Will Fennie, Heather Fulton-Bennett and Kelsey Swieca

Integrative Biology PhD candidates Will Fennie, Heather Fulton-Bennett and Kelsey Swieca each received a Mamie L. Markham Research Award, administered by Hatfield Marine Science Center. These monetary awards will help the students advance their research.