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Applying to OSU Graduate Program

Information for future graduate students of integrative biology

Student working with lab samples.

Our department offers M.S. and Ph.D. degrees spanning molecular to community-level biology.

All graduate students participate in our departmental seminar program, and doctoral students spend at least one year as teaching assistants. Our students are expected to have broad competency in biology, and most are supported by graduate teaching or research assistantships. The master’s program leads to a thesis or research report (non-thesis option) on a specific problem; the Ph.D. program emphasizes independent thesis research on a major topic at the forefront of the chosen field.

Learn about our research areas

Research is an important part of our mission in the Department of Integrative Biology. As our name implies, faculty and students in our unit explore the living world at every scale, from the microscopic molecular foundations of living systems to global-scale patterns that span continents or extend back in time millions of years. The breadth and complexity of the living world requires many different research approaches and members of our unit combine state-of-the-art analytical technology and computing power to investigate organisms and ecosystems in the laboratory and the field. Many of our research projects take place here in the Pacific Northwest, but many also occur in other more exotic locations.

Graduate learning outcomes

Students who successfully complete all experiences associated with earning a graduate degree in integrative biology will have the skills and knowledge defined in our graduate learning outcomes. These experiences include formal coursework; planning and carrying out research projects; analyzing data; writing results; interaction with the major professor and lab members; and participation in seminars, workshops and conferences.

Application information

Are you ready to pursue your path in science? Integrative biology employs holistic admission practices. Our aim is to increase access and equity for all applicants. Students with a bachelor’s degree may apply to either our M.S. or our Ph.D. program. While successful applicants usually have a strong academic background in life sciences, a bachelor's degree in a life science isn't required.

Frequently asked questions

How competitive is your program? How many students do you accept?

We usually accept about 15% of our applicant pool, so it is a very competitive program. In addition to having a strong application, finding a suitable major professor is essential.

Read detailed application information, tips, and more

Visit Oregon State University and meet potential mentors

Prospective graduate students are welcome to visit integrative biology! You can make appointments with one or more prospective major professors, and you will get to meet current graduate students for a peer-to-peer perspective. Typically, a fall to early January visit is best for students applying to begin their studies the following fall term.