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An floral and wasp fossil lay next to each other in amber
OSU Press Releases

Entombed together: Rare fossil flower and parasitic wasp make for amber artwork

Biologist's fossil research has revealed an exquisite merger of art and science: a long-stemmed flower of a newly described plant species encased in a 30-million-year-old tomb together with a parasitic wasp.

photo of Andrea Burton in front of green background
Graduate students

Ph.D. graduate and conservation biologist empowers students as scientists

Since childhood, recent Ph.D. grad Andrea Burton knew she loved animals and nature and was confident that a career in biology was in her future. Now, she is a published scholar who strives to make a difference for both students and marine wildlife.

Scuba diver in reef

Film screening: Chasing Corals

Science faculty and students are hosting a screening of the movie Chasing Corals, followed by a panel of six OSU scientists specializing in coral reefs in hopes of educating people about what the future holds for these precious ecosystems and how to help.

audience watching band playing music on stage

Da Vinci Days will feature fascinating talks on science, mathematics and arts

Corvallis's premier community event, 2017 Da Vinci Days will feature talks by Oregon State scientists and mathematicians, Benjamin Dalziel and Tom Dick.

Abigail Losli standing in front of her paintings
Marine Science

Art meets Science on the Pacific

Senior researcher at Hatfield Marine Science Center Sarah Henkel will set sail on the Pacific Ocean with her team and artist, Abigail Losli (BFA, ‘16).