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Mold Pig insect fossilized in yellow amber

Meet the ‘mold pigs,’ a new group of invertebrates from 30 million years ago

The findings by entomologist George Poinar Jr. give a rare look at a heretofore unknown clade of invertebrates.

Mosquito fossil in yellow amber
Integrative Biology

Mosquitoes, other blood-sucking flies have been spreading malaria for up to 100 million years

Entomologist George Poinar has discovered that the microorganisms that cause malaria, leishmaniasis and a variety of other illnesses today can be traced back at least to the time of dinosaurs

microscopic organism on yellow backdrop
Integrative Biology

Those fragrances you enjoy? Dinosaurs liked them first

The compounds behind the perfumes and colognes you enjoy have been eliciting olfactory excitement since dinosaurs walked the Earth.

Tropidogyne pentaptera fossilized in amber
Integrative Biology

Ancient flowers discovered from 100-million-year-old tree

T-Rex bulling its way through a forest likely dislodged flowers 100 million years ago. Today those fossilized flowers have revealed a new species of tree.

round insect fossilized in yellow amber
Integrative Biology

First fossilized red blood cells from ancient mammal identified

The first fossilized red blood cells from a mammal were discovered to contain a parasite, Babes micro, which still infects humans and other animals today.

Detailed image of an orchid fossil
Integrative Biology

Oldest orchid fossil on record identified

Evidence of an orchid fossil trapped in Baltic amber that dates back some 45 to 55 million years ago is identified, shattering the previous record.

George Poinar Jr working in his lab
Integrative Biology

Amber reflections from the scientist who inspired Jurassic Park

George Poinar, Jr. has had a long and storied career studying strange creatures from 100 million years ago preserved in amber.

Insect fossilized in yellow amber
Integrative Biology

Jurassic Park scientist strikes again: Alien-looking insect preserved in amber

Entomologist discovers an ancient, alien-looking insect frozen in amber with features so bizarre that it calls for the declaration of a new order.