Future Biology & Zoology Students

The Department of Integrative Biology prepares students for diverse fields through outstanding courses in the life sciences coupled with hand-on professional training in the Biology and Zoology majors. Faculty teaching, research and mentoring expertise are drawn from Integrative Biology and the School of Life Sciences.  

Biology Major

The Biology Major delivers interdisciplinary training relevant to a wide variety of life sciences careers. Students can choose to specialize in one of eight transcript-visible options (see below) or select from a wealth of coursework to meet specific interests. Biology is a common home for pre-veterinary medicine, as well as pre-medicine and other health professions.

Zoology Major

The Zoology Major focuses on the diversity, organismal biology, ecology and evolution of animals. Zoology majors are often interested in careers such as animal care and husbandry, field work, informal education, agency work and museum curation, but elective courses can be used to pursue a variety of interests. Because of the coursework involved, pre-veterinary medicine students should look to the Biology Major Pre-Veterinary Medicine Option.