Douglas R. Warrick Professor

My research interests are in the functional/ecological morphology, aerodynamics, and evolution of vertebrate flight, from hummingbirds to seabirds. I also participate in studies of seabird mortality from oil spills.

I teach Vertebrate Physiology I and II (Z431 and  Z432), Comparative Anatomy (Z422/522) and an Honors course in Zoology (Monster Biology*).

*a Syllabus and a Sampler

I am also the lab coordinator for the Vertebrate Physiology labs, and will occasionally post material for those courses here:  Z441 and Z442
Office Room Number: 3029 Cordley Hall, OSU, Corvallis OR 97331



Courses Taught

Z 431, Z 531 : Vertebrate Physiology I
Z 432, Z 532 : Vertebrate Physiology II
Z 441, Z 442 : Vertebrate Physiology Lab
Z 422, Z 522 : Comparative/Functional Vertebrate Anatomy