Sally Hacker Professor

I am a coastal ecologist interested in natural and managed systems and have studied multiple coastal ecosystems including beaches and dunes, estuaries, and rocky shores. My dune research explores the interaction between dune grasses and coastal geomorphology and the role of dunes in delivering ecosystem services, including coastal protection and conservation on both coasts of North America. With my students and collaborators, I have explored how the functional morphology and species interactions of dune grasses influence sand capture, dune shape, and coastal protection. I have led multiple projects designed to determine the ecosystem services of coastal habitats and their usefulness in coastal management.

PhD Brown University, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
MS University of Maine, Zoology
BS University of Washington, Zoology



Courses Taught

Bi 370 : Ecology
BI 450 : Marine Biology and Ecology
IB 594 : Community Ecology