Information about how Biology and Zoology courses from other schools transfer to OSU is found in OSU articulation tables or single course search and outlined in more detail below. If a course is not found in the tables or single course search, or students have a concern about a course articulation they find there, they should consult with their major academic advisor before petitioning. A Biology or Zoology Course\Series Equivalency Petition is only required if a transfer course is needed as a prerequisite for other Biology or Zoology courses (and some others), and many other situations are resolved without a petition. Petitions will only be considered for currently enrolled OSU students and final approval is at the discretion of the Department of Integrative Biology.

Introductory, general or principles of biology series or Baccalaureate Core Biology Science petitions:

OSU Admissions articulates transfer biology courses as one of the following:

Some important criteria for approval of courses as being equivalent to the BI 211, 212 and 213 Principles of Biology or the BI 204, 205, 206 Introductory Biology series or include:

Other Biology (BI) or Zoology (Z) course/requirement petitions:

Students seeking approval for courses offered by other departments in the life sciences at OSU such as Biochemistry Biophysics (BB) or Microbiology (MB) need to contact those departments directly to discuss course equivalencies. Students wishing to approve other Biology or Zoology courses outside of the series above should talk to their advisor and look at the OSU articulation tables or single course search to see how they are listed and if they can count the course for their degree requirements. If a course is not listed or there are concerns about the articulation of the course, and the advisor indicates they should petition the course, students can use the Biology or Zoology Course\Series Equivalency Petition.