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Go Abroad in Biology and Zoology

An aerial shot of the beach of Florianópolis, Brazil.

Florianópolis, Brazil, home of the Otter Conservation IE3 Internship offered within the Biology and Zoology study abroad programs.

Biology and zoology students can earn OSU credit in a wide variety of professionally relevant international opportunities. Students can choose from study abroad programs in multiple countries, many of them in English. Some students elect to do an international internship to focus on professional experience abroad.

The experience of a lifetime

Biology and zoology students are involved in international experiences for good reason. An international experience can develop professional skills and the ability to work with an increasingly diverse U.S. population. Graduate schools, professional programs and employers in health care, academia, non-profits, industry and government agencies value the skills and experiences gained by students who go abroad.

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Getting started

  1. For programs approved for major and professional goals, review the Go Abroad in Biology and Zoology or the Go Abroad in Human Health Professions websites. For language focused or cultural programs, contact OSU GO.
  2. Discuss program choice, timing and how courses might count with your biology or zoology advisor.
  3. Create an OSU GO Get Started account to begin the application process while exploring costs, aid and scholarships.
  4. After being accepted by OSU GO, you will complete the course approval process before going abroad.

Explore the world and learn about yourself

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