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Hatfield Experience

Hatfield Experience

Aerial view of the Memorial Union.

Biology and zoology students can spend anywhere from a weekend to multiple terms in residence at the OSU Hatfield Marine Science Center (HMSC) immersed in the biology and ecology of the Oregon Coast.

In winter, integrative biology offers an introductory BI 111 Introduction to Marine Life in the Sea course for early career students who want to begin exploring their marine interests.

In spring, we offer our flagship, by-application BI 450 Marine Biology and Ecology term. This 15-credit, eat-sleep-breath marine biology experience is a single, 15-credit term taught by top faculty in the areas of marine invertebrates, algae, fishes, intertidal and coastal ecology and conservation. The course concludes with student research projects which are written up and presented at an HMSC symposium.

In summer, integrative biology faculty and others collaborate to offer a diverse set of field-based courses in areas such as marine invertebrates, Pacific Northwest coastal ecosystems, marine mammals, marine birds and others. Summer students also frequently have the opportunities to be involved in marine projects with HMSC faculty or government agencies scientists.