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Registration Issues and Overrides

Registration Issues and Overrides

Course registration basics

Students will receive an email from the Office of the Registrar detailing when they can register, or they can login to MyOSU, click on "Student" tab, and then click "View Priority Registration Status" once upcoming dates are posted (generally week five of the previous term). New Corvallis or Ecampus students register as part of their required orientation.

Priority registration is divided into two phases. Continuing students can register for up to 16 credits in phase I and up to 19 credits in phase II, though science majors generally take 15-16 credits or less. Course waitlisting is only available in Phase II.

Continuing students need to schedule an advising appointment any term they need a new registration PIN, but not every term (see below). Students will need to plan ahead to insure an advising meeting before their registration date. Students with holds (listed at the top of the MyDegrees checklist with a website or email contact) will not be able to register until holds are addressed (see details below).

New students

New Corvallis campus students must attend a START orientation to receive advising and their registration PIN.

New Ecampus students must contact Ecampus student services to set up their online orientation. Once the Ecampus and College of Science (zoology included) online orientation is completed Ecampus students meet for advising and their registration PIN.

First year-students, NCAA athletes and students receiving veterans' benefits

These students must meet for advising each term they need a registration PIN.

Sophomores, juniors and seniors

Sophomores and higher in biology or zoology need a new registration PIN each academic year and generally meet in winter term for advising to receive it (see advising appointment website).

Registration holds

Review the top block of MyDegrees (just below your ID number and name) to see if you have holds listed that might interfere with registration. You can review the common registration holds website for more information, or use the email listed at the top of MyDegrees to ask for more information on how to resolve listed holds.

Errors and overrides

Review the common registration errors to see what might be causing any errors you receive when trying to register. The Science Success Center (Kidder 109) is open daily to assist with registration Corvallis campus students. Ecampus student services can assist Ecampus students. If you are having trouble registering for a course required to graduate the next term, waitlist the course and then contact your advisor. If you cannot enroll in a class you believe you meet the pre-requisites for, contact the department offering the course (see below) as your advisor cannot allow you into courses. You will generally need to share documentation or a transcript for transfer coursework or test scores that relate to enforced prerequisites. In some cases, a syllabus will also be required.

Directions for override requests

Biology or zoology

For prerequisite overrides based on transfer coursework or test scores, use the Integrative Biology Override Request Form. For other biology or zoology course issues or overrides, contact the Integrative Biology office or call 541-737-2993.


For prerequisite overrides based on transfer coursework or test scores, use the Chemistry Override Request Form. For other chemistry issues and overrides, contact the main chemistry office through email (preferred) or call 541- 737‐2081.


For override requests or registration issues please complete the Biochemistry Override Request form.


Some math sections are restricted to EOP students (09x sections) or INTO students (6xx sections) - only these students can take these. For prerequisite overrides based on transfer coursework or test scores, use the Math Override Request Form. For other math issues and overrides, email


Contact Linda Bruslind at


For override requests or registration issues please complete the Physics Override Request form.


For override requests or registration issues please complete the Statistics Override Request form.

Other OSU departments

Call 541-737-0123 or review the OSU College and Department Contacts