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Graduation and Commencement

Graduation and Commencement

Review MyDegrees to see if and when you will graduate

  • Login to MyDegrees to confirm all majors, minors, options, Honors College or other items you should have declared. Meet with the department offering the program if you need to declare anything.
  • Students can review when courses are offered in the biology and zoology major advising guides and the schedule of classes. Students can calculate how long it will take to graduate by adding up the credits of the remaining courses in all majors, minors or other parts of their degree and dividing by the number of credits they normally take in a term (typically 15). Students need to complete 180 total credits, and this may require additional credits beyond required courses.
  • If all boxes are checked and no deficiencies noted in MyDegrees you will automatically graduate the term your requirements are completed. Follow up with your advisor about any issues with remaining degree requirements or courses that are not tracking properly in MyDegrees.
  • Make sure you register for BI 498 Senior Assessment and Survey in your final term (details below). Additional information about graduation can be found on the Corvallis campus graduation website or Ecampus graduation website. Questions about the graduation process or diplomas can be addressed to the graduation clerk.

File for commencement if you plan to attend

Commencement happens once a year in June. Rules about participation in commencement, as well as the details on the required RSVP in your OSU Online Services can be found on the commencement website.

BI 498 Senior Assessment and Survey

All biology and zoology seniors must complete the 0-credit BI 498 Senior Assessment and Survey CANVAS course in order to graduate. Please see the questions and answers below for more information.

What does it count for?

Students who register for and complete the canvas assignments in BI 498 by the Friday of week 6 will pass the course and meet that graduation requirements regardless of performance. The BI 498 assignments are used to evaluate what undergraduates learned and engaged in during their undergraduate career in integrative biology and OSU.

Why does this matter?

Pooled results from BI 498 will be used to assess the Biology and Zoology learning outcomes, as well as broader program challenges, areas of excellence and opportunities for development. Your feedback matters!

When do I complete BI 498?

Students register for BI 498 in their final term at OSU. Students must complete the BI 498 assignments by the Friday of week 6 of the term they are registered.

Integrative biology graduation event

As a graduate, you and your family/guests are cordially invited to a reception to celebrate your achievements. The reception will be held the evening before commencement. Graduating seniors, please watch your email or visit this page for details. Questions may be directed to

Configure your OSU technology before you leave

Information technology and computing support list

Career Resources

Prepare for life after graduation with our career resources.