Getting Professional Experience

A variety or resources for finding professional development opportunities are outlined below. Many opportunities begin as unpaid volunteering, but there are always exceptions. Students should incorperate some professional experience during their degree, and even a few hours a week they can have a great deal of value over multiple years. Some experiences can be approved for credit, but students must apply and be approved for credit before the beginning of the term they plan to participate (see details below).

  • Internship and Volunteering (BI 410 credits): Corvallis and Ecampus students can seek credit for relevant experiences in private sector, government, non-profits, or other areas by completing the BI 410 Internship Form. Credit cannot be awarded for clinical experiences outside of the OSU Medical Preceptorship.
  • Undergraduate Teaching (BI 309 or 409 credits): Corvallis students can seek credit for teaching opportunities in Biology and Zoology courses. Most opportunities are in the BI 22x series, but the human anatomy series and others are possible. Contact instructors or see the BI 309/409 Teaching Practicum Form for details.
  • Curratorial Assistant (BI 406 credits): Corvallis students can seek credit for assisting with curratorial projects in the OSU biological collections. Contact the currators of interest or see the BI 406 Curratorial Assistant Form for details.
  • Undergraduate Research (BI 401 credits): Corvallis students can seek credit for research with OSU faculty by using theĀ BI 401 Research Form.