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Jen Olarra wins Boedtker Award for Undergraduate Advising

Jen Olarra wins Boedtker Award for Undergraduate Advising

Several IB faculty were recognized at the College of Science Winter 2016 Teaching & Advising Awards ceremony held January 12.

Jen Olarra received the Olaf Boedtker Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Advising in recognition of her exceptional and inspirational advising of Biology and Zoology undergraduates. The awardee is selected by student nomination and voting, with the final decision made by the Dean. Congratulations, Jen, on this richly deserved award!

IB Chief Advisor Brock McLeod was recognized for his efforts spearheading a pilot program in innovative advising and student success.

Devon Quick gave an overview of ESTEME @ OSU (Enhancing STEM Education at Oregon State University). This is a cross-disciplinary program, supported by the National Science Foundation’s WIDER program. It includes courses offered by IB, Chemistry, Engineering, Mathematics and Physics. The focus is an interactive and collaborative approach to learning. One aspect is training undergraduate learning assistants who help in the classroom. Participating IB courses include Principles of Biology (Lori Kayes, coordinator), Human Anatomy & Physiology (Lindsay Biga, coordinator), Advanced Human A & P (Devon Quick, coordinator), Vertebrate Biology (Bob Mason & Adam Chouinard), and Paleobiology (Rebecca Terry).