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head shot of Kris Bauer

Kristofer Bauer

Graduate Student
Department of Integrative Biology

Kristofer Bauer

Graduate Student
Department of Integrative Biology



Growing up in central Colorado at the base of the Rocky Mountains, I have had a deep appreciation for the natural world from an early age. Since I moved to Oregon for my undergraduate degree in 2015, opportunities to work in various marine research labs at OSU have taken me all over the West Coast. Whether it was documenting mussel bed growth on Oregon's rocky shore, or tagging blue whales in the Channel Islands, science has only helped my appreciation for nature grow deeper. From these experiences, I hope to build a career in which I can directly help to preserve these areas to be enjoyed and appreciated by generations to come.


Advised by Felipe Barreto

My research examines the evolutionary impacts of climate change on zooplankton species in the Pacific Northwest. Zooplankton are important prey items for a wide array of fishery and marine mammal species, which support the local economies of dozens of coastal communities throughout the region. As our coastal environment continues to change over the next century through rising temperatures and decreased amounts of dissolved oxygen, my work will better inform these communities on how likely it is that zooplankton populations can adapt to these stressful conditions.


Classes Taught

  • BI 221 - Principles of Biology: Cells
  • BI 222 - Principles of Biology: Organisms
  • BI 223 - Principles of Biology: Populations


B.S., Biology, Oregon State University, 2020.


  • National Science Graduate Research Fellow, 2022 Louis & Maud Hill Coastal Marine Studies Awardee