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head shot of Giovanni Crestani

Giovanni A. Crestani

Graduate Student
Department of Integrative Biology

Giovanni A. Crestani

Graduate Student
Department of Integrative Biology



Giovanni has a very interdisciplinary taste for science. Naturally fond of computers and math, he considers himself a Computational Biologist. His main topics of interest are Complexity Science and Evolution. During his undergrad in Brazil, Giovanni worked in several different environments, spending time on the bench, on the field, and on the computer. He participated in a set of distinct projects: collecting and preparing water and soil samples for analysis, conducting molecular biology experiments, building and running bioinformatics workflows, etc. Now, his main focus is on unraveling the mysterious dynamics of the Evolution of Complex Systems.


Advised by Molly Burke

Giovanni's Ph.D. research focuses on understanding evolutionary patterns using Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a role organism. He is currently conceiving new projects regarding the dynamics and potential repeatability of yeast’s adaptive response to climate change. Additionaly, he is working with the genomics of ageing in Drosophila.


Giovanni teaches a lab in the introductory biology series at OSU. There, he finds his willingness to understand and explain complex concepts very useful. He is constantly studying and developing his teaching phylosophy to better adjust to his students needs.

Courses Taught

  • BI 221 - Principles of Biology: Cells
  • BI 222 - Principles of Biology: Organisms
  • BI 223 - Principles of Biology: Populations


Lic., Federal University of Santa Catarina, 2022, Biological Sciences.


  • 2022-2023 Oregon State University Provost’s Distinguished Graduate Scholarship