Your advisor does not automatically know you are retaking a course. If you are considering repeating any course you completed at OSU or another school, or you are repeating any OSU course for the third time, you should bring the specifics of your situation to the attention of your advisor. You can also review the points below and the appropriate Academic Regulation (AR 20) for more information.

 It will not always be very beneficial to retake courses, particularly since small changes in grades are often dwarfed by your cumulative GPA by the time you graduate. In general, unless you must retake a requirement, it is generally not a good idea to retake a course unless you feel you can do significantly better and you have not already attempted it twice. Often it is better to focus on doing well in subsequent courses. You can use the GPA calculator to run scenarios of repeating courses and the impact on your GPA.

 A few considerations related to repeating courses:

  • The second time you take a class at OSU (first retake) will replace your original grade in the OSU GPA, regardless of whether the second grade is higher or lower. 
  • Every attempt of a course will appear on the OSU transcript.
  • Any retakes at other institutions or any third or subsequent graded attempts at OSU will not count toward your OSU GPA. If the second attempt of a course was not passed at OSU, the third or additional graded attempts at OSU will also not count for the 180 credits required for graduation or for the total credits for other requirements such as minors. Students in this situation may have to complete additional course to make up for those credit deficiencies.
  • Some courses that are pre-requisite for other courses in the major require a C-, and students will need to retake those courses until they achieve a C- grade in order to continue even if it take more than two attempts. 
  • In progress courses are counted in MyDegrees in the total credits for degrees, majors, minors, etc. If one of those courses in progress is a retake the credits for the retake will be subtracted from any totals once grades are fully processed. This issue can be particularly important to seniors who may show having exactly 180 credits with retakes in progress but end up with less than 180 after retakes are accounted for.
  • Most professional schools, and human health professions in particular, do not replace the original grade when a course is retaken, and use every attempt when calculating your GPA. Plan to discuss all retakes with a pre-professional advisor.