Undergraduate Research (BI 401 credits)

Biology and Zoology students can receive credit for OSU research by following the procedures on the BI 401 Research Credit Approval Form. There is no central list of research opportunities on campus. Resources for finding research mentors and opportunities can be found below.

Internships and Volunteering (BI 410 credits)

Interning or volunteering allows students to gain experience and skills working in the private sector, government, non-governmental organizations (NGO), or other areas. Biology and Zoology students can receive BI 410 credit for approved experiences. Credit cannot be awarded for clinical medical experiences outside of the OSU Medical Preceptorship. Resources for finding experiences and being successful in them can be found below.

Undergraduate Teaching (BI 309 or 409 credits)

Students may apply to participate in teaching opportunities in science courses at OSU. The majority of opportunities are in the BI 21x series, but pre-health students that complete the BI 23x/24x or 33x/34x series with solid grades can assist in those courses. Other courses may be possible after talking with instructors. See the BI 309/409 approval document for details.