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Stephanie Green (Integrative Biology) hunts lionfish

Recently discovered fossils provide insight on early pollination

Work done in the Giebultowicz lab on fruit flies demonstrates the important role biological clocks play in aspects of aging. Above: Fruit fly with image of brain showing holes in tissue from disrupted circadian rhythm.

Bullfrogs (Lithobates catesbeianus) are an invasive species in the Willamette Valley.  New researchs indicates they are both vectors and victims of pathogens associated with amphibian decline.

Adam Martinez is using state-of-the-art imaging technology to create digital insect images for scientific use around the world.


ESA continues to recognize OSU’s strengths in Integrative Biology

Jane Lubchenco receives ESA's Eminent Ecologist Award.

Andy Blaustein named Fellow of the Ecological Society of America
IB welcomes Lindsay Biga as A&P Instructor

IB welcomes Lindsay Biga as a new Human Anatomy & Physiology Instructor. She will teach the new BI 23x lecture series and coordinate the BI 24x labs and recitations. Lindsay will also teach Z 333 this summer, the final time it is offered.

Kristen Milligan wins D. Curtis Mumford Faculty Service Award

Congratulations to Kristen Milligan on being named the 2014 recipient of the D. Curtis Mumford Faculty Service Award. She will be recognized during University Day on September 18. Congratulations, Kristen!

Mason Lab Garter Snake Research in Manitoba

Bob Mason and his lab have been studying the red-sided garter snakes of Manitoba for over 30 years. Watch the video to learn more.