TitleUse of diverse growth models to estimate annual survival from mean size in a sample: examples using sea urchins
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsEbert, TA
JournalCahiers De Biologie Marine
Keywordsbertalanffy tanaka newton's method mesocentrotus echinometra stomopneustes evechinus-chloroticus echinoidea strongylocentrotus-franciscanus mortality-rates population-dynamics echinus-esculentus echinodermata california longevity echinometridae variabilit

Various models have been used to describe sea urchin growth including the von Bertalanffy, Richards, logistic, Tanaka, Gaussian, Gompertz, logistic dose response, and one derived from the Gamma function. Data from three sea urchins, Mesocentrotus (Strongylocentrotus) franciscanus, Echinometra mathaei, and Stomopeustes variolaris, tagged with tetracycline were used to order models based on levels of support determined by the wi measure of the Akaike's Information Criterion. Growth parameters were combined with the mean of measured size-frequency data to estimate survival and showed that estimates were insensitive to the growth model selected.