TitleTropidogyne, a New Genus of Early Cretaceous Eudicots (Angiospermae) from Burmese Amber
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsChambers, KL, Poinar, GO, Buckley, R
Type of ArticleJournal Article

Tropulogyne pikei K. L. Chambers, H. T. Biwkley, representing a new genus and species, is described from an Early Cretaceous flower preserved in Burmese amber. Tropidogyne may occupy a stem or early crown position in the phylogeny of the rosid chide. Its floral morphology, while largely plesiomorphic, can be compared with the modern family Cunoniaccae. The flower of the fossil taxon is small, bisexual, epigynous, apetalous, with five regular sepals slightly connate at the base, 10 stamens, the one preserved anther having two thecae that delisce by longitudinal slits, in ovary of three carpels surmounted by a conspicuous disc, three short, acute styles, and a 10-ribbed inferior ovary. At the summit of each rib of the Tropidogyne ovary is a small, darkly stained patch of tissue, interpreted here as a secretory gland.

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