Integrative Biology oversees several of OSU's important research and teaching collections.  This year, working with faculty from other collections on campus as well as faculty in both the Art Department and the School for Humanities, Curator Christopher Marshall helped create a collaboration between the collections and OSU students in the humaniteis who rarely get an opportunity to see them. The result: professional quality books that showcase the amazing collections we have here at OSU.  These books (shown below) contain poignant written pieces by OSU undergrads enrolled in Ehren Pflugfelder writing course and are full of spectacular photographs taken by students of Evan Baden's photography course.  Students then worked in teams to design, print and produce hand-made prototypes of the books, which then faced competitive critiques by the curators of the OSAC (Marshall), OSU Herbarium (Melanie Link-Perez) and the OSU Fishes and Mammals collection (Peter Konstantinidis).  One was selected for final production, and is currently being shopped around for a larger printing.   

You can click on the image below to see a short movie produced about the project.