Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsDoyen, JT, Poinar, GO
JournalEntomologica Scandinavica
Type of ArticleJournal Article

Only few fossil Tenebrionidae have been described, mostly from Baltic amber (see Spahr 1981). The only fossils described from the New World appear to be a few species from Florissant shales (Wickham 1913; 1914a, b), those from the California asphalt deposits (Doyen & Miller 1980) and a single species from Dominican amber (Kaszab & Schawaller 1984). Based on Wickham's description and illustrations, the fragmentary fossils he placed in or near extant genera may be ascribed to Tenebrionidae only with uncertainty. In contrast, the Tenebrionidae from the California asphalts all clearly represent species which occur in the immediate area today, and are probably best regarded as subfossils. Screening of many thousands of Dominican amber inclusions has gradually resulted in the accumulation of 29 species of Tenebrionidae, represented by 50 specimens. The account which follows possibly represents the most comprehensive taxonomic survey of any large insect family known to occur in Dominican amber.

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