Students on Warning or Probation

Students on academic warning or probation should communicate with their advisor immediately. In addition, these students should read the regulations on Academic Standing. All students on academic warning or probation look at the Academic Success Resources for Life Sciences Students at OSU,

Students on Academic Suspension

Students on academic suspension should read the regulations on Academic Suspension and the guidelines for reinstatement.

Students who wish to be reinstated from suspension must do the following:

  • Read the guidelines for reinstatement to see if they are elligible. The Academic Standing Committee will not approve students who do not meet the guidelines.
  • Meet with your advisor about their support in the reinstatement process based on meeting the guidelines above.
  • Fill out and sign an academic contract with the advisor.  Academic contracts can be picked up from the College of Science Office in Kidder 128.
  • Meet with the College Head Advisor. Turn in the completed petition for reinstatement to the Registrars Office by the deadline.
  • Attend the Academic Standing Committee meeting you are assigned.