TitleShifts in life-history traits as a response to cannibalism in larval long-toed salamanders (Ambystoma macrodactylum)
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsWildy, EL, Chivers, DP, Blaustein, AR
JournalJournal of Chemical Ecology
Type of ArticleJournal Article

We examined the potential influence of cannibalism on life-history characteristics of larval long-toed salamanders (Ambystoma macrodactylum). Using a 2 x 2 factorial design, crossing morphology with diet, we exposed typical morph larvae to one of four types of stimulus animals: cannibal morphs fed a conspecific diet, cannibal morphs fed a heterospecific diet (i.e., Tubifex), typical morphs fed a conspecific diet, and typical morphs fed a heterospecific diet. Test larvae exposed to stimulus animals fed a conspecific diet exhibited a slower growth rate and an increase in the time taken to reach metamorphosis. These changes in life history likely represent a cost of antipredator behavior.

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