Use this page as a starting point for actively exploring career interests in the biological sciences. It is a good idea to discuss careers of interest with advisors, professors and other professionals in your network. Experience such as internships, research and volunteering is important in exploring and achieving any career goal.

Career Development Resources at OSU

OSU Career Development Center (CDC) and other units on campus provides a variety of services for exploring and preparing for careers, though resources for finding internships are more extensive on this page and the listserve. Examples of services include:

Resumes or Curriculum Vitaes (CVs)

Biology and Zoology students should maintain a resume or CV that is update frequently. This will help enormeously in tracking involvement, goals and skills, and it will be critical to applying for professional opportunities. The Science Success Center (Kidder 109) offers drop-in critiques and the resources below are also helpful.

Career Advising

Claire Wu is works with Biology and Zoology students on career development. Set up an appointment with Claire by calling 541-737-4085 or visiting