TitlePhanerozoic climatic zones and paleogeography with a consideration of atmospheric CO2 levels
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsBoucot, A, Xu, C, Scotese, CR
JournalPaleontological Journal
Type of ArticleJournal Article

Compilation of climatically sensitive deposits (chiefly evaporites, calcretes, coals, bauxites, kaolins and kaolinites, tillites, dropstones, glendonites and cool-water marine sediments, palms, as well as crocodilians etc.) through twenty-seven Phanerozoic time intervals enables one to revise the contemporary paleogeography in a manner consistent with the climatic information. We also take account of some of the available biogeographic information. Comparison of the changing Phanerozoic global climatic gradients based on geological evidence with the previously published models of Phanerozoic atmospheric CO2 based on geochemical assumptions indicates that either the assumptions on which the geochemical models are based are erroneous or that atmospheric CO2 is not a greenhouse gas. We prefer the former possibility.

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