We'd like to create a wordcloud for the department -- you've probably seen these before on other sites -- it's a graphic that takes words that relate to our unit and places them in a nifty looking cloud, where the 'relevance' or 'popularity' of a given word is larger and more prominent.  Virginia suggested that we create a survey/form to solicit 'words' from the department -- so below, you can enter your words int the fields below.  


NOTE: the fields are 'autocomplete' based on the words that have already been submitted... you don't have to use those words -- but if you do select one of those -- it will recieve 2 votes (meaning it will be bigger/more prominent) in the cloud.  You can type in any word you'd like.  There is no an easy way to show you 'all the words' that have been submitted so far, but the autocomplete will quickly show you if any of the words you're thinking of are similar to others.  For example, if you're thinking "marine ecology" -- and soemone else has already typed in "marine ecosystems" -- you'll see that.  You can either enter your new term or if you'd rather increase the size of the existing term...just select that one for your term.

you may submit as MANY terms as you'd like - just separate them by commas.