‘Mystery spider’ stirs curiosity among C.O. residents; biologist provides its identity
photo of a trapdoor spider

An unusual spider has stirred curiosity in Central Oregon, so NewsChannel 21 reached out to Chris Marshall to find out what it is.

Oregon State fossil research leads to first description of grass in Baltic amber
magnified image of grass in amber

George Poinar has made the first identification of grass in fossilized tree resin from the Baltic region.

Ocean hypoxia off Pacific Northwest coast more troubling than ever, experts say
researchers working on ship on the ocean

According to Francis Chan and collaborators, hypoxia off the Pacific Northwest coast is as bad as it's been at any point in 2021.

Creativity, research and activism intersect for Martin-O’Neill fellow
photo of Bryan Lynn sitting by blooming lilies

Congratulations to Bryan Lynn on receiving the 2020-21 Larry W. Martin & Joyce B. O’Neill Endowed Fellowship for his work using mathematical modeling to investigate the evolution of cooperation, using bacteria as his subjects. Learn more about his journey to becoming a grad student.

Low-flow research on Colorado River sheds light on eventual new normal for Grand Canyon
photo of a dam on Colorado River

Dave Lytle, Angelika Kurthen and Jared Freedman teamed up with the USGS to monitor invertebrates and help track stream health.