Miram Gleiber, (conferred )

I am a PhD student working with the Sponaugle-Cowen Lab on an NSF-funded project: Observations of Subtropical Trophodynamics of Icthyoplankton in the Straits of Florida (OSTRICH). I am studying how small- to large-scale patchiness of zooplankton prey influence the larval fish community, and their predator-prey dynamics. I will be examining larval fish gut content, recent daily growth from otolith microstructure, and lipid composition to infer biological consequences of patchiness on larval fish growth and survival. 



My research at OSU is both a taxonomic and geographic transition from my prior work in zooplankton ecology. I completed a Master’s degree with Dr. Deborah Steinberg at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science studying long-term changes in the Western Antarctic Peninsula copepod community, due to rapid regional climate change. I also examined the role of copepods in carbon cycling, through grazing of phytoplankton and fecal pellet production and export. 




Recent Publications

Steinberg, Ruck, Gleiber, Garzio, Cope, Bernard, Stammerjohn, Schofield, Quetin, Ross , 2015 , Long-term (1993–2013) changes in macrozooplankton off the Western Antarctic Peninsula , Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers

Gleiber, Steinberg, Schofield , 2015 , Copepod summer grazing and fecal pellet production along the Western Antarctic Peninsula , Journal of Plankton Research