TitleFisheries management - Ten commandments for ecosystem-based fisheries scientists
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsFrancis, RC, Hixon, MA, Clarke, ME, Murawski, SA, Ralston, S
Type of ArticleJournal Article

In an effort to accelerate the ongoing paradigm shift in fisheries science from the traditional single-species mindset toward more ecosystem-based approaches, we offer the following "commandments" as action items for bridging the gap between general principles and specific methodologies. 1. Keep a perspective that is holistic, risk-averse, and adaptive. 2. Question key assumptions, no matter how basic. 3. Maintain old-growth age structure in fish populations. 4. Characterize and maintain the natural spatial structure of fish stocks. 5. Characterize and maintain viable fish habitats. 6. Characterize and maintain ecosystem resilience. 7. Identify and maintain critical food web connections. 8. Account for ecosystem change through time. 9. Account for evolutionary change caused by fishing. 10. Implement an approach that is integrated, interdisciplinary, and inclusive. Although the shift in worldview embodied in these commandments can occur immediately without additional funding, full implementation of ecosystem-based fisheries science will require an expanded empirical basis as well as novel approaches to modeling. We believe that pursuing these action items is essential for productive marine fisheries to become truly sustainable for present and future generations.

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