Su Sponaugle Professor

I am a marine ecologist and fisheries oceanographer who conducts basic and applied research on the ecology of marine fishes and the dynamics of their early life history stages. My lab is especially interested in the processes underlying the growth, survival, and dispersal of early life stages, leading to successful settlement and recruitment to the benthic populations. We use interdisciplinary techniques to identify the physical and biological processes creating temporal and spatial pattern in offshore larval distributions that link to subsequent recruitment of juveniles to nearshore habitats. Our overarching goal is to better understand the events occurring in the pelagic larval stage that influence population replenishment and connectivity. The data we collect are not only relevant to ecology and oceanography, but also are useful for quantifying overall population replenishment, designing and evaluating marine reserves, and interpreting future environmental changes.
Mailing Address: Hatfield Marine Science Center 2030 SE Marine Science Dr. Newport, OR 97365
Phone (office): (541) 861-0314



Courses Taught

BI 351 : Marine Ecology
BI 373 : Field Methods in Marine Ecology
BI 450 : Marine Biology and Ecology