Mark R. Lavery
Senior Instructor II

My main OSU focuses are infrastructure design, student experience, website administration, and data management for General Biology (BI 101 - Diversity, ecology, and environmental science; BI 102 - Genetics, evolution, and animal behavior; BI 103 - Human anatomy, physiology, and disease). General Biology offers approximately 2800 students each year (from eight colleges representing 73+ majors) a rigorous keystone science course which may fulfill their Baccalaureate Core science perspectives requirements.  General Biology laboratories and recitations consist of activity modules incorporating situations and materials that can be experienced in everyday life; Biology at OSU and Beyond, studies that can be continued at home.
Office Room Number: 125 Weniger Hall



Courses Taught

BI 101 : Environmental Biology: Ecology, Conservation, Global Change
BI 102 : Animal Biology: Genes, Behavior and Evolution of Life
BI 103 : Human Biology: Anatomy, Physiology and Disease