Nathan L. Kirk
Senior Instructor I

I am a molecular ecologist that is interested in coral symbioses ranging from mutualism (where both partners benefit) to parasitism. I am also very interested in the incorporation of educational best practices to increase equity and inclusion in the classroom.

Ph.D. Biological Sciences Auburn University (December 2012)
M.S. Biological Sciences State University of New York at Buffalo (August 2006)



Courses Taught

BI 373 : Field Methods in Marine Ecology
Z 361 : Invertebrate Biology
Z 362 : Invertebrate Biology Lab
Z 461/IB 561 : Marine and Estuarine Invertebrate Zoology
BI 221H, 222H, 223H : Principles of Biology: Cells, Organisms, Populations
BI 319 : Critical Thinking and Communications in the Life Sciences