head shot of Adam Chouinard

Adam Chouinard
Senior Instructor I

Adam is an Instructor for the Department of Integrative Biology, in which he teaches courses related to animal behavior and vertebrate evolution, on both the main campus and online (Ecampus). He is also committed to the teaching professional development of graduate students: he coordinates the year-long "GTA Training and Development" program in IB, teaches the capstone course for the Graduate Certificate in College and University Teaching (GCCUT) program, and is deeply involved in the Biology Teaching Assistant Project (BioTAP) on the national level.

In his teaching, he applies active and collaborative learning, emphasizes critical thinking and metacognition, and crafts authentic assessments to set his students up for success in the next steps of their careers. As a scientist, Adam is fascinated with every aspect of evolution and the natural world, from the inner workings of cells to animal social behavior. In both teaching and research, he applies an integrative view that seeks to synthesize how life works across levels of biological organization. Beyond primary interests in communication, his "scientific hobby" is an unshakable fascination with multilevel selection, the evolution of cooperation, and the major evolutionary transitions. In his spare time, he enjoys working in the woods (a.k.a. pulling out blackberries), playing and recording music, and communicating scientific insights about life through the power of fiction.





Courses Taught

Z 350 : Animal Behavior
Z 371 : Vertebrate Biology
IB 512 : Integrative Biology GTA Training and Development
Z 372 : Vertebrate Biology Lab
Z374 : Diversity of Life: Vertebrates