Lesley Blair
Senior Instructor II

My primary focus is supporting the students taking the BI 10x General Biology courses (BI 101, 102, and 103).  Over 2500 non-science majors take these courses each year to fulfill their baccalaureate core science perspectives requirements.  We represent science to students who are taking their final formal science courses, and provide a rigorous and reflective experience that can scaffold continued science learning within informal settings.  I am also interested in "learner-object" interactions, particularly how varied science artifacts can engage diverse learners.  This area takes on increased importance as we develop and balance online and on-campus student experiences.


Office Room Number: Weniger 125A



Courses Taught

BI 101 : Environmental Biology: Ecology, Conservation, Global Change
BI 102 : Animal Biology: Genes, Behavior and Evolution of Life
BI 103 : Human Biology: Anatomy, Physiology and Disease