Electron Microscope Facility

Electron Microscope Facility
Facility Location: 
Linus Pauling Science Center 145 EM Suite
Available Resources: 
FEI TITAN 80-200 TEM/STEM with ChemiSTEM Technology
FEI NOVA NanoSEM 230 high resolution SEM
FEI QUANTA 600F environmental SEM
Facility Description: 

The Electron Microscopy Facility (EMF) provides advanced electron microscopy instrumentation services to Oregon State University's (OSU) research communities. Instruments include the newly installed Titan 80-200 analytical transmission/scanning transmission electron microscope (TEM/STEM) used to visualize the structure, chemical composition, and arrangement of atoms in thin, extraordinarily small specimens. It is one of only two at a U.S. university. The TEM/STEM is just one instrument that helps attract faculty and students across many disciplines to OSU, contributes to undergraduate and graduate education and training, and is essential to basic and applied research programs.

Facility Managing Unit: 
College of Science
Facility Address: 
United States