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Zech Meunier 2019

Zechariah Meunier

Graduate Student
Department of Integrative Biology

Zechariah Meunier

Graduate Student
Department of Integrative Biology



Zech is an ecologist, environmentalist, and educator. He seeks to understand how ecological systems change over space and time, both naturally and in response to anthropogenic stress and disturbance. Zech's graduate research focuses on rocky intertidal communities, and he plans to devote his career to studying and preserving coastal ecosystems. He also contributes to conservation efforts through collaborative work on marine protected area establishment. By pursuing fundamental and applied research projects, Zech hopes to make discoveries that advance our understanding of the natural world and are societally relevant.


Co-advised by Sally Hacker and Bruce Menge

Zech studies rocky intertidal ecosystems of Oregon, California, and Nova Scotia. He is interested in how climate change, disturbance events, diseases, and species interactions influence the dynamics of community succession. Following his passion for conservation, Zech has also published research on marine protected area commitments and the unintended consequences of biocontrol insects for threatened wildflowers.


Classes Taught

  • BI 101. Environmental Biology: Ecology, Conservation, and Global Change
  • BI 102. Animal Biology: Genes, Behavior, and Evolution of Life
  • BI 211. Principles of Biology: Diversity of Life
  • BI 212. Principles of Biology: Structure and Function from Cells to Organisms
  • BI 450. Marine Biology and Ecology


BA, Biology & Environmental Studies, Lawrence University, 2015


  • Graduate Research Fellowship, National Science Foundation, 2019-2022 Provost’s Distinguished Graduate Fellowship, Oregon State University, 2017-2018