Course Title: 
Vertebrate Biology
Course Number: 
Z 371
Learn about vertebrate origins and phylogeny, structural and functional adaptations, behavior, and ecology
Student Evaluation Quote: 
"This course was excellent. Adam Chouinard and Robert Mason were invaluable to the instruction and organization of the course. The course was very engaging and dynamic and both instructors were able to use technology in the classroom very well. This has been one of the most satisfying courses I have taken at OSU." -- J.H., student, Fall 2013
"I thoroughly enjoyed my time in this course and I'm sort of sad that its over. Professor Mason is an excellent lecturer and made the time learning fun and thought provoking. I don't think I've ever had a class where the instructor was able to keep the students as entertained as this one, its especially impressive for the fact that on a daily basis he was able to get the whole room laughing. For me this definitely helped with the learning experience & I was able to reference back in material better when I had memories of one of Mason's amusing sound effects. The PowerPoint slides were direct & focused on the main objects of the course material. The group activities helped with my understanding of the material but occasionally made the lecture feel more pressed for time. Overall one of my top favorite classes so far in my college career." -- A.P., student, Fall 2013