with pre-course field trip (September 8-19th)

Z499/599 - 4 credits


With over half of all known species of organisms, insects are the most diverse group of life on the planet.  In this course, students will learn about the major groups of insects, their morphological characteristics, evolutionary relationships, and natural history. Students will gain an ability to recognize orders and common and significant families of insects, with an emphasis on the fauna of the Pacific Northwest.  Diagnostic features of these insect groups will be covered in depth, as well as available tools for their identification. 


This class begins in mid September with a multi-day field trip to a locality within Oregon! This year (2014) we will be at the H.G. Andrews Experimental Forest in the Cascades.  During this experience, students will be instructed on how to plan for, organize and execute various sampling techniques suited for surveying the insect diversity in a given region.  We will sample multiple habitats, and will target a diverse array of insects.  Students will also learn proper preservation and museum-quality preparation of specimens. Natural history observations will be made in the field, and habitat data recorded. The goal will be to gain an intimate familiarity with major insect groups in the field, including their distinguishing features and natural history. The specimens obtained on this trip will make up the core of the material to be studied in the remainder of the class.

Permission to enroll in this course is required: 

GRADUATE STUDENTS: please contact either David Maddison (david.maddison AT or Christopher Marshall (Christopher.Marshall AT and let them know why you want to enroll in this course and what courses in Entomology and Evolutionary Biology you've taken in the past.



General Course Schedule:

(1) there will be a pre-trip meeting on campus Sept 2nd to ensure everyone has appropriate gear/supplies for field trip

(2) required field trip -- Sept 8th-19th -- at H. J. Andrews in Blue River Or from Sept. 8-13th; in Corvallis completing specimen collection/preparing reports Sept. 14-19th.

(3) Fall term - Lecture/Labs  (Tues 1pm-1:50 pm, Thurs 1pm-1:50 & 2pm-4:50pm)