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Diversity of Life: Vertebrates
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Examination of vertebrate origins and phylogeny, integrating several disciplines (molecular biology, anatomy, behavioral ecology, and evolution). Emphasizes critical thinking and the scientific process to explore the structural/functional adaptations and evolutionary history of vertebrates. Laboratory activities build scientific skills by exploring current hypotheses and tools for the study of vertebrate evolution. Prerequisites: ((BI 211 or 211H) and (BI 212 or 212H) and (BI 213 or 213H)) or ((BI 221 or 221H) and (BI 222 or 222H) and (BI 223 or 223H)) or (BI 204, 205 and 206). A minimum grade of C- is required in BI 211, BI 211H, BI 212, BI 212H, BI 213, BI 213H, BI 221, BI 221H, BI 222, BI 222H, BI 223, BI 223H, BI 204, BI 205 and BI 206.