Course Title: 
Advanced Human Anatomy and Physiology
Course Number: 
BI 331/BI 332/BI 333
Understand and appreciate how the various organ systems work in the human body to sustain life. Three-term series: Fall - skeletal, muscular & integumentary systems. Winter - nervous, endocrine and reproductive systems. Spring - cardiovascular, respiratory, urinary and digestive systems. BI 341/BI 342/BI 343 labs will enhance your learning experience. (Previously offered as Z 33x and Z 34x)
Student Evaluation Quote: 
"One the the best teachers at OSU. Knows how to engage the class and serve the individual needs of students even in large settings. Passionate about subject, extremely knowledgable. One of the most motivational and helpful instructors seen through college to this point." -- student, 2012
"Devon is an absolutely phenomenal instructor! She is more interested in my learning and helping me succeed than I think any other instructor I've ever had at Oregon State. She is always available and accommodating in her schedule when we need help with course material and she genuinely cares about her students - it's refreshing! All that being said, there is absolutely nothing I would change about this course - it's perfect!" -- student, 2012
"This was the best course series I have ever taken. The instructor went above and beyond in providing alternative ways to learn the material (study questions, multimedia tools, etc.)!!" -- student, 2013
"I don't know what to say... Grand slam OSU by hiring this woman. Class was fun to be in. I am terrible at physiology but I blame my brain, not the professor in the slightest." -- student, 2013
"Nothing to change, the class is perfect the way it is. The entire year this class has been my favorite and your teaching has been a huge factor in that. Change nothing!" -- student, 2013