TitleThe circadian rhythm of sperm release in the codling moth, Cydia pomonella
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsGiebultowicz, J, Brooks, NL
JournalEntomologia Experimentalis Et Applicata
Type of ArticleJournal Article

The release of sperm bundles from testes to the vas deferens is controlled by a circadian clock in several moth species. We investigated the pattern of sperm release in the codling moth, Cydia pomonnella L. (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae). Sperm release in the codling moth follows a two-step rhythm in light-dark cycles: sperm is released from the testis before lights-off, remains in the vas deferens during the dark phase and is transferred to the seminal vesicles after lights-on. This rhythm continues in constant darkness indicating that it has a circadian nature. The release of sperm is asynchronous in moths held in constant light. In contrast to previously investigated moths, constant light has no adverse effects on the male reproductive capacity in the codling moth.

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