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adaptive landscape canonical analysis correlational selection disruptive selection fitness surface nonlinear selection stabilizing selection natural-selection multivariate selection phenotypic selection teleogryllus-commodus stabilizing selection directio (1) adaptive landscape genetic correlation G-matrix mutation quantitative genetics response to selection life-history traits selection balance stabilizing selection drosophila-melanogaster caenorhabditis-elegans quantitative genetics polygenic traits characte (1) adaptive landscape genetic correlation genetic covariance genetic variance net selection gradient pleiotropy response to selection quantitative genetics quantitative-genetic-analysis mutation-selection balance drosophila-melanogaster phenotypic evolution (1)
adaptive landscape macroevolution microevolution phenotypic evolution quantitative genetic models comparative methods effective population-size quantitative-genetic-analysis phenotypic evolution natural-selection contemporary microevolution morphological (1) Agelaius phoeiceus components of fitness extra-pair copulations mate quality opportunity for selection red-winged blackbirds sexual selection variance in reproductive success lifetime reproductive success female choice mating success variance fitness diff (1) Albumin DNA sequences Plethodon Speciation Taxonomy 12s mtDNA sequences geographic protein variation north-american salamanders life-history evolution phylogenetic-relationships rapid diversification cinereus group populations divergence radiation distanc (1)
allometry pacific coast gonad cycle intertidal enso sea surface temperature multivariate enso index latitudinal patterns pacific decadal oscillation northeast pacific el-nino resource-allocation southern-california giant-kelp seasonal acclimatization biol (1) Ammophila (1) asymmetric sexual isolation Desmognathus ochrophaeus quantitative genetics model reproductive isolation sexual isolation sexual selection triple Gaussian model salamander desmognathus-ochrophaeus mate-recognition systems plethodontid salamanders drosophil (1)