Presenting at BGSS

This year we will be doing things a little differently - there will be slots for both 10-minute talks, as well as 5- and 3-minute lightning talks. 10 minute talks will have an additional 2 mintues for questions. 5 minute talks will have 1 minute for questions, and we will not be allotting time for questions with the 3 minute talks. Oral presentations will be selected by the BGSS Committee after abstract submission. 

We do not recommend full on conference practice talks for two reasons: (1) all members of the audience likely will not have the necessary deep background knowledge to give you the detailed feedback needed for your specific discipline, and (2) BGSS is an opportunity to communicate and share your endeavors with other graduate students with different interests and backgrounds.  



Presenters must submit a title and abstract when registering. Oral presenters give a 10-, 5-, or 3-minute talk on their proposed or ongoing research (no hard data necessary!) followed by questions (depending on the talk format). An LCD projector and PC laptop computer will be made available for you. Please ensure that your presentation is WinXP, Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 compatible.F

or poster presenters we suggest a typical 3 foot (vertical) x 4 foot (horizontal) size poster, but will not officially set any hard limits on poster size. We will supply poster hanging brackets that are 4’ wide. If you have or are preparing a poster that is larger than 4', we would appreciate it if you could bring your own mounting supplies to accomodate this.  


The digital abstract book is now available, as well as the schedule of talks

We will not provide physical copies of the abstract book but will provide a copy of the schedule.