Daniel Ottmann Riera
Integrative Biology
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2015 - 10:00am
The Pacific rockfishes (genus Sebastes) are a highly diversified group of fishes in the California Current, but some stocks collapsed in the past century as a consequence of overfishing. Hence, management institutions aim to maximize the knowledge of rockfish ecology and life cycle to improve the effectiveness of their programs. By studding spatial and temporal patterns of recruitment to Oregon coasts I will assess potential habitats that are essential to complete the life cycle of rockfishes and evaluate the adequacy of recently stablished marine reserves. I will complement these observations with data of age at settlement and early growth rates of this juveniles to relate ecological traits with larval dispersal and juvenile settlement. Additionally, I will perform a kinship analysis to find out whether parental related individuals settle together after having spent their first months of life in a pelagic environment. The results of this research can improve the effectiveness of management programs based on ecological knowledge and provide new insights to the currently debated question of whether siblings disperse and recruit together.