All declared majors, minors and options are tracked by MyDegrees. Past versions may vary - see your MyDegrees and discussion questions with an advisor. The resources below are for planning only - MyDegrees is your official checklist.

Major Advising Guides and Minors Information

Biology Major Advising Guides- for planning with MyDegrees

Zoology Major Advising Guides - for planning with MyDegrees

Biology Minors

Biology Major Options and Common Minors

Options are optional, require around 15 additional credits, and are restricted to the Biology Major. Declared options in Biology are tracked in MyDegrees, and students with older versions of the options should look in MyDegrees for requirement details and discuss differences with their advisor. Declaring an option in the Biology Major may alter parts the elective parts of the major - see the documents below for details.

Other Career Tracks

The student planners below cover other career areas of interested to Biology and Zoology majors. They are not official, transcript-visible options, and the requirements are not tracked in MyDegrees.