For many courses a D will count, but not all of them. Biology and Zoology students need a C- or better in BI 211, 212 and 213 Principles of Biology series before moving on to upper division (300-400 level) BI and Z coursework. Both majors also require a C- or better in the CH 12x (Zoology major only) or CH 23x/26x general chemistry series (Biology and Zoology). Biology majors need a C- in both CH 331 and CH 332, while Zoology majors only need a C- in CH 331. All OSU students also need a C- or better in all math courses to progress to the next course. All Biology and Zoology students also need a 2.0 AVERAGE in their major and OSU GPAs to graduate (see MyDegrees for these numbers). All of these requirements are tracked in MyDegrees.